Tips for Successful Employee Onboarding Experience

Michael Linick
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Many companies have defined particular processes through which new employees are absorbed into the system. They try to propagate the company’s rules and culture in a way that the employees quickly understand what the organization is about. However, employees will confirm that they have had so many experiences during the first few days at their new jobs. Overall, it is the responsibility of the HR team to ensure that new employees always have a good onboarding experience.

The goal of the HR team is to help the new employees feel comfortable in the new workplace, and ready to begin the onboarding experience that has been planned for them.

It should be a personal experience for each employee with a focus on customizing the experience to meet the individual needs of the employees.

Becoming familiar with the new environment

This can begin with a tour of the new place so they don’t have to steal some time to snoop around on their own which can be awkward. Introducing the new employees in a friendly way to the rest of the team should also be done early, and everyone should be encouraged to call them by his or her preferred names. Some companies provide updated catalogs that show the names and pictures of the current employees who are working at the firm. The new employees can study this catalog when they are free to become familiar with names and positions. This can also be done online on the company’s intranet where a portal is created to feature the pictures, names and job descriptions of all the team members.

It should be a simple process

It should be a fun and interesting process. It is preferable for the most jovial person in the HR does this job to help the new employees feel very comfortable. They should be enlightened about work schedules and other processes regularly done within the workplace. Provisions should be taken to provide answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the company’s intranet and the rules (if any) which guide the use of this communication system.

Make it personalized

You can make the employees first-day experience even more fun by excluding the documentation aspect which can be done at a later date when they have become more familiar with the new working environment.

In some companies, the new employees and older staff Play Roblox Game which involves the formation of new relationships and bonding during the first day. On this day, first impressions will be made, and it is the responsibility of the HR team to ensure that the first impressions are good generally.

Introducing the culture

Without understanding the culture, new employees may face some difficulties within a few days of being employed. While it may take a while to get a full comprehension of the company’s culture, the first lessons should educate the recruits about the basics, benefits, and the rules that apply within the workplace. It shouldn’t be a boot camp; errors are permitted but only for a few days. The fashion culture should also be introduced to help the employees blend in, for example, casual Fridays, and corporate Mondays should be well explained so there will be no embarrassment.

When the employee feels welcome into the new work environment, they will be happy to make friends and ask crucial questions that will help them perform their duties better.

About Michael Linick

About Michael Linick

Michael has worked in Employee Engagement for over six years as Consultant, Project Manager, Account Manager and – most recently Client Success Manager roles.  He works with major national and international companies to help them gain maximum benefits from employee feedback. 


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