The new rules of employee engagement

Michael Linick
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 Improving customer experience is crucial to the survival of every business; however, it is also important for the companies to consider establishing better methods of interacting with the employees who play the role of promoting better customer experience.

 Every business thrives when the employees perform their jobs well. It is essential to find productive ways to enhance staff engagements in view of achieving higher productivity, more revenue and employees who are gainfully engaged tend to stay longer in the organization. What is the best way to engage employees? First, the management team has to interact with the employees. Establishing a good communication with the employees will reveal their needs, and with this information, the top management teams will begin plans to address these issues.

Many companies have used different methods to improve employee interaction and bonding but they have failed to release the desired results because they overlook the important requests made by the employees or they misunderstand the employee’s needs. It is easy to misunderstand the needs of employees if the right questions have not been asked during the interactions.

 In the following part of this article, some important aspects that should be considered while developing an effective feedback structure have been discussed.

      Ensure Transparent Communication with Employees

Transparency is key to establishing good communication with the employees. In the case of disputes, the management teams will have an idea of the causes; avoiding these issues will make the efforts at promoting the welfare of employees futile. Addressing the real issues faced by the employees is the best way to go about resolving issues and encouraging employees to perform better at their duties.

 Some feedback mechanisms such as the use of questionnaires can be employed because the anonymity of questionnaires enables employees to honestly express themselves. However, the questions in the survey should directly seek to find out the real issues being faced by the employees. Overall, companies that make it easier for employees to express themselves freely will get valuable information that can be used to encourage the employees to perform better at their jobs.

  Address Immediate Issues

 Addressing employee issues will reveal numerous aspects that must be addressed; however, the company might not have the immediate resources to meet all the demands. The solution is to handle the issues that can be immediately addressed with the available resources.

 Every employee seeks to work in organizations where there is job satisfaction, and they can achieve self-development. These are areas that the management team should strive to address which tackling employee issues; however, action should begin with the issues that can be immediately addressed.

    Seek to Understand Employee Issues

 Interacting with employees is a good decision, however; value can only be obtained from this activity when the employees are understood.

The mode of interaction should be designed in a way that the employees have the liberty to identify the real issues they are contending with.  This approach is especially important in situations where the employees handle sensitive and highly important responsibilities which usually require that they work under a lot of pressure to meet tough deadlines. For example, writers who are tasked with creating content for urgent paper will feel less pressure and more confidence in an environment where there is good communication between the employees and the top executives.

It is important that companies find ways to receive regular feedback from the employees. Creating an email address for this purpose is a good plan. Employees will feel free to send emails regarding any issues they might be facing at any time. However, the importance of physically meeting with the employees should not be overlooked.

About Michael Linick

About Michael Linick

Michael has worked in Employee Engagement for over six years as Consultant, Project Manager, Account Manager and – most recently Client Success Manager roles.  He works with major national and international companies to help them gain maximum benefits from employee feedback. 


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