Proven Strategies to Boost Employee Productivity

Michael Linick
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Successful companies have found ways to properly implement engagement strategies that help their employees to become more productive.

In many organizations, the level of engagement strategies is measured by the rate of employee satisfaction as determined through interactive surveys. Employee engagement is a good way to establish the path towards achieving the company’s goals. It is important to create a working environment where the employees are happy. The HR team should also provide a good description of every employee’s job functions to help them perform better. Employee engagement simply means that your employees are productively engaged during the entire period of their employment. Employee engagement can be improved in the following ways:

Portray the right corporate image

By explicitly describing your company’s goals, culture and value, you can effectively attract the best candidates in the job market.

This information should be clearly represented on your official website. It will help visitors and job seekers understand what your company’s values. It is known as the value proposition of your company. Every business should have a high quality and responsive website. For example, if you have a website to sell office supplies Toronto, it should include a good description of your company and its goals. Other features such as product categories, best-selling products, options and customized offers should be clearly portrayed to show the company’s dedication to meeting the customers’ needs. This information will help potential candidates understand how they can add value to your team if their application is successful.

 Describe the ideal candidate

Vacant positions are often created in the corporate world. However, it is essential to inform the public about some crucial features that the applicants should possess.

Highlighting this information will quicken the recruitment process while making it more effective. Values such as willingness to work hard, team work, and a passion for self-development should be highlighted in the job adverts.

Working as a team

Creating a work environment where team work thrives can be achieved by effectively delegating duties to everyone. If the most proficient employees are given the right tasks to handle, a delegation of duties will always be successful. Giving employees tasks that they can efficiently manage is one of the best ways to keep them productively engaged.

Providing performance feedback

Whether it is positive or negative, providing feedback to employees who reflect their performances will help them become better at their jobs. If the feedback is negative, efforts should be made to help the employees overcome the areas of weakness.

 Performance feedback should be accompanied by rewarding good performance while the organization of training programs to help the employees improve their skills. Employees who have better skills will be actively engaged in the workplace.

Find out the reasons behind employee resignation

If you suddenly realize that your employees are resigning it is important to find out why they are leaving. Losing the best employees can set back your business plans and growth projections so it is important to avoid situations which can lead to mass resignation. You can find out the reason behind company resignation by carrying out surveys and interviews.

When you have identified the factors that have caused job dissatisfaction, you will have a better idea how to solve these issues. The common problems are usually caused by lack of communication between employees and the management and poor working conditions as well as poor welfare standards. Addressing the particular issues in your company will encourage your employees to become more productively engaged in the workplace.





About Michael Linick

About Michael Linick

Michael has worked in Employee Engagement for over six years as Consultant, Project Manager, Account Manager and – most recently Client Success Manager roles.  He works with major national and international companies to help them gain maximum benefits from employee feedback. 


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