How to Motivate Employees in the Workplace

Michael Linick
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It is important to encourage employees to have a good attitude towards carrying out their duties. There are several ways that can be used to keep the employees highly motivated and happy in the workplace. Your company depends on the ability of the employees to perform their duties well or else meeting the strategic goals you have set will be difficult. Motivation encourages a work culture focused on improving customer experience.

You can motivate your employees by applying the following ideas:

Acknowledge and commend hard work

Employees that may have been putting in their best to achieve high-quality work will appreciate being recognized for their efforts. They will be motivated to do more in the workplace. Employee recognition means the top management executives are watching and monitoring employee performance which will be rewarded. This fact will encourage other employees to focus on working harder to achieve your company’s objectives.

 Setting Goals

By setting reasonable goals, you are giving the employees a target, a challenge that will keep them motivated to achieve the satisfaction of meeting their goals. With clearly defined goals, the employees understand what their tasks are and the time-frame for the completion of these tasks. Goal setting gives employees a sense of belonging as part of the team working towards making the company more successful.

Motivating employees through training

When your employees have the right skills to carry out their functions, they will feel more confident about their jobs. Organizing training sessions like Paramount Training can ensure that your employees always have this confidence to teach new skills that help them perform their duties better.

Increase employee engagement

Every new employee resumes with a high level of motivation to add value to the company in which they have just been employed. However, this motivation may be lost along the line due to several reasons. The workplace may not be conducive for the employees to experience the growth they desire. The top executives may also overlook essential strategies that can increase employee engagement.

It is essential that the top executive in every company cooperate with the HR teams to ensure that their employees are fully engaged and happy in the workplace. Employers that can successfully balance their functions aimed at meeting the needs of the employees while implementing a business model that increase customer satisfaction will witness an increase in productivity among employees and business growth.

Encouraging personal development in the workplace

Employees have a role to play in ensuring that the workplace setting encourages growth and personal development in their different fields. The actions of employees can be focused on attaining personal growth, staying motivated and finding ways to remain productively engaged in the workplace.

The following ideas will be useful to employees who feel they are not experiencing the level of motivation that should propel them towards achieving higher levels of personal development.

The choice is yours

 As an employee, it is entirely up to you to decide the level of commitment you wish to focus on performing your tasks in the workplace. This attitude is called discretionary energy. You can choose to apply this additional effort in the workplace to work as a team with other employees to meet the needs of the customers

What factors can limit employee motivation?

People feel motivated when they are faced with responsibilities or tasks that can be easily handled with their professional knowledge. Other settings which encourage motivation include engaging in a hobby, spending time with friends and family, volunteering to work for free, etc. employees can find motivation in many ways. However, the absence of crucial factors that bring satisfaction and inner peace will limit the extent to which employees feel motivated.

Some employees identify the differences between their needs and the company’s objectives as reasons why they feel less motivated in the workplace. Other issues that have hindered employee motivation include poor employment practices during which candidates with wrong skillsets are employed, bad leadership in the workplace, and poor supervision which leads to low quality work in the workplace.

It is essential that employers and directors identify the reasons why their employees feel less motivated, and measures should be taken to address the issue that has been identified.

About Michael Linick

About Michael Linick

Michael has worked in Employee Engagement for over six years as Consultant, Project Manager, Account Manager and – most recently Client Success Manager roles.  He works with major national and international companies to help them gain maximum benefits from employee feedback. 


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20th Apr 2018 20:24

These tips are really insightful. I feel like far too often, organizations feel they should automatically have motivated employees (after all, they're being paid and isn't that motivation enough?), but there's a shift taking place and employees are realizing they have options of working for employers who have a great culture-centric environment that helps to keep their employees motivated.

- Jodi Shapiro

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