Employee Qualities That Must Be Top Priority

Michael Linick
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There are many factors to consider when organizing a recruitment exercise. You need to employee candidates who can perform their duties excellent with minimal supervision. And the wages to be paid should fall within the company’s budget. But some of these important aspects might be overlooked when there is an urgency to fill the vacant positions.

The following aspects should top your list of considerations during a recruitment exercise.

 Communication skills

During the interview, you have all the time to assess your candidate’s communication skills. To fit into your organization, it is essential that the candidate has excellent communication skills. This will aid them to go through proper operations such as writing and replying emails, reporting to supervisors, etc.


People achieve more when they are disciplined in the workplace. They have more focus to achieve the set goals. You can determine the level of discipline among the candidates who are being interviewed by how and when they arrive and their level of interaction, as well as how they are dressed for the interview. Other features such as how they spend their free time will give you an idea about their approach to applying discipline in their lives.


Do the candidates act like they are passionate about your business? If you can find passionate employees, they will help your business grow and stay on as employees for many years. Passionate employees will also be pragmatic regarding finding solutions to problems that arise in the workplace.

  Research and Analytical Skills

 It is important that your employees possess excellent research and analytical skills. They will be required to carry out functions such as market research; during new product development etc. employees must know how to retrieve valuable information from huge volume of data. For example, they should be able to use different approaches and tools to find out more information regarding the competitor's operations, to know if their business is growing or stagnant, and to find out if the competitors have implemented a new system if they are new businesses and the extent of their experience. It should also be confirmed if they are part of a larger group and if the brand is featured on the stock exchange etc.


One distinctive feature that makes candidates stand out during recruitment is their ambition. It is easy to spot an ambitious candidate from their perspectives about life and the business. Ambition will help the candidates rise higher up the corporate levels when they’re eventually employed. They will be the pioneers of new ideas and innovation that will change the business positively. Ambition breeds self-motivation, and if this desire is not present, your employee will soon get bored with their jobs. Build a team of ambitious candidates, and your business will experience remarkable growth.




About Michael Linick

About Michael Linick

Michael has worked in Employee Engagement for over six years as Consultant, Project Manager, Account Manager and – most recently Client Success Manager roles.  He works with major national and international companies to help them gain maximum benefits from employee feedback. 


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