Treat Recruitment And Retention The Same

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Businesses everywhere are struggling when it comes to cherishing their human capital in a market that’s increasingly dominated by machines and algorithms. Managers of large corporations and small business owners alike find their retention figures wanting, and few seem to know where to turn for advice that could aid their company’s recruiting operations. By following the trusted advice of successful companies, and by learning to treat recruitment and retention as vitally intertwined, you’ll avoid the common recruitment nightmares encountered by others in the market.

 Keeping employees around

Most managers charged with hiring and retaining new company employees have dealt with the headaches that come with a new hiring suddenly departing because they struggled to fit in. Keeping employees around in the era of automation is no easy feat, and managers need to understand that employee integration is a never-ending process if they want to be successful in the long run.

Recruitment and retention strategies go hand in hand, and demand a similar approach if they’re to be successful. After all, if your retention strategy is successful, you’ll find that you don’t need to recruit so many new employees, and can count on your seasoned veterans instead of having to bring in more rookies. It’s thus vitally important that both your recruitment and retention strategies receive the necessary funds they need to be successful, and work in tandem to attract and retain the best employees available.

Building a healthy workplace culture is an ideal place to start. Having resources available to employees with mental health struggles, for instance, or having flexible schedules and a healthy benefits program will go a long way towards keeping your workers satisfied and efficient. Experienced supervisors skilled in training new employees are needed, too; none of your new hires should be expected to linger at your company if their experience is spoiled from the start by a sloppy first boss.

Open office cultures that focus on transparency when things go wrong and offer channels for feedback to be offered anonymously will also see more success in retaining their employees and attracting new ones. Your business will have more success attracting the best and brightest if they know their criticisms won’t be dismissed out of hand, and that their suggestions will be taken to heart.

By combining your recruitment and retention strategies, you’ll also come to learn one vital lesson; your company should pick quality workers over a larger quantity of workers every time. Reducing employee turnover necessitates only bringing in qualified candidates from the start, so make sure your vetting process is up to snuff if you’re eager to hire only the best.

Better workers make for higher profits

Going to such great lengths to invest in your human capital will inevitably pay off; companies who have the best workers can expect fewer PR gaffes, better customer service reviews, and more efficient operations overall, as they can rely on satisfied employees content with their jobs to put in their best efforts. Knowing what qualities to look out for in the hiring process and investing heavily in employee retention will go a long way towards pushing your company ahead of the competition, too.

Competitive salaries and expansive benefits programs, such as the WW point system, can cut into the company’s bottom line, and of course need to be carefully monitored so they don’t send spending levels spiraling out of control. A healthy investment in your workers is needed, however, if you intend for them to stick around. A comfortable work environment that fosters innovation and transparency will be much more efficient than an office space where employees hate their jobs.

By combining your recruitment and retention strategies, you’ll be placing your employees above all else, and soon find yourself reaping the rewards of your work. Motivated employees with wise managers to oversee them will prove a boon to your business in the long run, and help build a positive brand that customers will feel comfortable buying. Above all else, respect your recruiting and retention strategies, and you’ll be leaving the competition behind in no time.

About mattdavies

About mattdavies

I am a HR director with extensive experience of working for international premium and luxury brands. From this I have built a broad experience of working across Europe and dealing with colleagues in the US and China. I am a pragmatic and commercial person with strong analytical skills which help when making decisions and recommendations. I understand the importance of collaboration and building relationships to ensure success.


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