HR Director Aburi Composites
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How To Manage A Recruitment Drive

30th Apr 2018
HR Director Aburi Composites
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Managing huge sums of eager recruits is an essential duty for HR pros to master, but countless managers and newcomers to the field alike are struggling when it comes to handling the complexities of a massive recruitment drive. Isn’t there a simple way for HR departments to organize themselves to handle sudden influxes of new employees?

As a matter of fact, you can rely on some tried-and-tested tips to better hone your recruitment drive strategy as you approach bringing new team members onboard. Learn what crucial missteps to avoid, and you’ll soon be managing a recruitment drive like a professional in no time.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

First and foremost, you need to understand that your recruitment drive efforts will be in vain if you don’t know what key missteps you lookout for. Many HR managers expect that their teams are equipped to deal with a sudden influx of applications, but it’s a simple matter of fact that most companies haven’t dedicated enough time and resources towards recruitment efforts in the contemporary era. When it comes to collecting data on your recruitment process in particular, it’s crucial you don’t drop the ball.

For instance, many HR managers today don’t keep track of the countless applicants who don’t follow through to the end of the recruitment process, which is a terrible mistake. While you may think you have nothing to learn from those applicants who don’t end up finishing your recruitment process, you can actually study the dropouts to determine why they felt your company wasn’t the right fit for them. Check out some of the most common reasons recruitment drives end in dismal failure, and you’ll be well equipped to avoid the calamitous mistakes that have tanked other efforts that have gone before you.

Another common sign that your recruitment drive is being handled in an amateurish way is that it’s relying on old methods of doing business, rather than leveraging digital technology to maximize your department’s potential. If you’ve not yet looked into the benefits of digitized recruitment strategies, you’re letting your department and company alike down, and are only creating more work for yourself in the long run, too. It may be challenging to approach your higher ups with more funding request to better digitize your operations, but contemporary technology is an absolute must if you’re going to successfully recruit candidates who will stay with your company for some time.

You need to understand that the disparate workers you’re trying to attract have differing schedules, and that you need to be flexible if you want your recruitment drive to truly be a success. Take extra steps to ensure that your recruitment drive is a day-long affair, then, so that you’re not only attracting those workers who can get away in daylight hours, as accommodating all working hours is essential towards extending your pool of potential applicants. If your drives have been failing to draw an enthusiastic turnout, you may be holding them at the wrong time, or at hard-to-reach location.

Mastering the recruitment drive process

To become a true recruitment drive expert, you’ll want to focus on streamlining the application process, which can often be frustrating and incredibly intimidating for potential applicants. This doesn’t mean you need to lower your standards, of course, but rather that you should be focused on making it as easy as possible for workers of different backgrounds to apply to your open positions. Avoiding complex and repetitive forms that need to be continuously filled out is an excellent way to begin streamlining your overall recruitment process.

You shouldn’t stop there, however; if mastering how to streamline the recruitment process isn’t constantly at the forefront of your HR department’s attention, your strategy will become rusty with time, eventually leading to lackluster results. Don’t think that just because something worked during last year’s recruitment drive it will work out well again this year; constantly be innovating, and keep an eye out for new technological changes in particular, if you don’t want to get left behind by the competition.

Despite the urgency of streamlining your existing operations, you shouldn’t let your standards slip. This may necessitate expanding your HR staff, which may cost your business a pretty penny, but will likely end up saving it countless sums of cash in the long run. An intense focus on the recruitment drive process shouldn’t entirely consume your team, however; if your HR department is solely focused on managing the recruitment drive at the expense of its existing employees, you’re merely adding on to your list of troubles. Keep a finely-honed balance between managing new recruits and treating existing employees right, and you’ll avoid this tragedy. Above all else, keep an open mind; stellar candidates can come from the least-expected place, and keeping an open mind is a surefire way to enhance your recruitment drive’s overall success.


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