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5 tips help your employees embrace new technology

8th May 2018
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It has long been known that with great progress comes great resistance. This couldn’t be truer in the workplace, and with technology improving at such rapid speeds many employers and HR managers are noticing a resistance to change.

New technologies, software and processes in the workplace have the potential to save us time and make our lives much easier, but it’s not always easy to convince your staff to take it all on board. Change, even if it's positive, isn’t always welcome.

Here are five ways that you can help facilitate the acceptance of new technology in the workplace:

Give your employees time to get used to the idea

Before you implement any new process or software, give your employees a few months to understand what you are changing and why. Talk about the benefits to your employees (rather than just the business itself) and let them know they are welcome to ask as many questions as they like to ensure they have all the information. Be transparent and open, don’t leave things out because trust is what is going to be most valuable between you and your employees.

Have small group training sessions

While it may seem more efficient to train all your staff at the same time, it often has the opposite effect. A more intimate corporate training environment can help your employees feel more at ease and comfortable asking questions. You can explain concepts in greater detail and at a more personal level, this builds trust and transparency between you and your staff.

Slowly introduce new concepts

If you can introduce your employees to your new software in phases, it’s less likely to be overwhelming for them. Depending on the system and size of your company, it can sometimes take a year or more to get all of your employees to use a new piece of tech, so be prepared to factor that into your timeframes.

Talk about it during the on-boarding process

New employees can be a great starting point if your older employees are reluctant to budge because they are already in a position to adopt new processes. Start new employees off on the new system and encourage them to use the new technology on a regular basis to phase out the older process.

Be supportive

One of the main reasons employees might feel hesitant about new technology is that it’s going to require a great deal of training, which can take time away from work-related tasks. To ease this concern, make sure you have set training times during the week so that employees know when the training will take place, and can prioritise their work as needed. Let them know that they will not be penalised and that they can speak to a manager if they are worried about completing their work. Feeling supported is one of the most important things for any employee, so take the time to make them feel like they have your support and encouragement.

At the end of the day, you’ll always have employees who are resistant to change, especially with new technology­—but with the right preparation and relationship building, you can turn many of these employees around.

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By Nicholas Leyton
09th May 2018 15:51

Technology is important in the workplace!

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