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The new rules of employee engagement

19th Apr 2021
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Life is different now and employers must find their new place – and relevance – in worker’s lives.  

There is new distance between home and work and households have been spending far more time together in close proximity. Your home has now become your workplace, no longer your safe haven.  

This all means the expectations people have of the people around them have radically changed. From their friends and family through to their employers.  

Here are three rules of engagement for companies to re-establish healthy and sustainable relationships with workers: 

Put safety first 

As the threat of Covid-19 intensified, people were deeply reliant on their employer to protect their health. Companies boldly took on the role of defender and guardian against the outside world.  

Employers have important legal responsibilities to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, but they don’t necessarily have the resources to protect all workers at all times, in and out of work. One way around this is to arm the workforce with skills and tools to stay informed about what is happening around them – for example through access to a personal safety app. This will empower workers and help them to take back control.  

Minimise unnecessary stress 

Over the past year many people have struggled to switch off and as a result have become increasingly overwhelmed. This has led the prevalence of depression to double, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 

Meanwhile, employers have been under significant pressure to stay in business and protect jobs. Leaders cannot always shield their workers from the stresses and pressures which come with the job role. But they can play their part in minimising unnecessary stress – both inside and outside work – so workers can stay focused on the task in hand.   

Prioritise wellbeing 

Better informed, more aware and more supported individuals are able to focus on the positive things in their lives. Employers which promote happiness and improved personal wellbeing will benefit from a more motivated and productive workforce. 

According to Gallup, companies with more engaged workers will experience 21% higher profitability. Wellbeing is no longer a value-add for workers, it is an important lever for business performance.  

If employers follow these three rules for employee engagement, they will encourage happier and more confident workers who are better equipped to drive results for the business. 

Imabi is a personal safety and intelligence platform – providing everyday awareness for individuals and their loved ones.  


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