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Master the Art of Acquiring the Right Talent

16th Jun 2018
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Companies either small or big grapple with many issues in their day-to-day running. Acquiring the right talent for the given set of job requirement is one such issue. It is a holistic process which begins with recruiting and ends on on-boarding. To carry on this task a company looks upon its human resource personnel to find the solution and get the ideal candidate. But for every human resource management personnel, finding the right candidate and creating a sustainable pool of applicants becomes difficult. Though there is a vast market of skilled and talented young professionals, hiring the one which is suitable for a particular task involves a complex process. The company expects from its talent acquisition manager to not just find the best candidate but put forth the application which will reduce the burden of salary as well.

In order to provide a solution, there are certain key points that the human resource can adhere to in order to get the right candidate.

Integrating AI for talent acquisition

It is often seen that the talent acquisition personnel fail to put in the right keywords while putting in the job description. Using the right keywords will immensely help in shortlisting the right resumes. Therefore, in such a situation integration of artificial intelligence software can prove to be of huge advantage. One such software is Textio which is an augmented writing application to assist the HR in writing an improved and targeted job description using target keywords. Besides, this AI application also analysis about a million jobs to predict the performance of the company’s job listings.  

Recruitment using Technology

Integration of talent acquisition and technology will also be fruitful while hiring a candidate. After listing of the jobs, a vast number of resumes starts to flow in. To differentiate the right candidate technical tools like the application tracking system (ATS) is of utmost relevance to reducing the burden of your shoulders. The tool is built to perform every routine task which if done manually will bog down the recruiter. Through the ATS, applicants can be screened simply by asking questions and populating the responses in a tabulated form.

Using Social Media

With the introduction of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and twitter the time spent browsing them has increased. For an HR professional, the ideal candidate for a particular skill set can also be found by using any of these platforms. By posting the job opening on any of the social media platform opens up vast options of available talent. As the post gets shared multiple times and within an instant, the focus automatically gets to the targeted audience gets. Moreover, since these social media applications provide the option of sharing, the word of mouth spreads like fire and the desired candidates can be shortlisted.

Tracking the past information

After shortlisting of the candidates, the past experience and background of the candidate must be tracked. There are instances where a candidate was previously asked to leave simply because he had behavioral issues or on some other legal grounds. Against this backdrop, tracking of the candidate’s history needs to be done by the HR management either through LinkedIn profiles or on other social media accounts which give a clear picture of the candidate’s professional background

Don’t Just Fall for the Right Qualification

Though qualification is the biggest determinant of the candidate’s skill set, right qualification is not the only determinant to access whether the applicant is fit for the job or not. The perfect candidate is not just the one with the right qualification as mentioned in the job description, but it can be the one which is high achiever despite having an average qualification. The experience that the candidate has gained over the years and the training that he has acquired from the previous organizations plays an even bigger role in differentiating between an applicant and the ideal candidate.

Besides these key pointers taking up a strategic approach to hiring needs to be followed. The strategy should be such that the talent acquisition team builds a sustainable pool of candidates. This pool will be created by nurturing the talent pipeline keeping in mind the long-term prospects of the existing employees. Building relationships with existing employees to understand their career goal and the prospects of them sticking to the company. In short, a forward-looking approach is what is needed for a sustained solution.

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