5 Employee Tracking Issues To Overcome in 2017

22nd Mar 2017

With so many distractions around, your employees can deviate from the path. Whether they are using social media sites, checking emails, browsing the web or chatting with friends, all can have negative consequences on productivity of your employee. If you leave this issue unattended, it will hamper your overall productivity.

In order to achieve your business goals, it is imperative that you establish an employee performance tracking mechanism and hold employees accountable for their actions. In this article, we look at some of the major challenges companies face when tracking their employee’s performance.

1. Selecting Performance Tracking Method:

Employees perform multiple tasks of varying complexities every day. To evaluate the performance of an employee and its productivity level, it is imperative that you select the right performance tracking method. The performance tracking method you choose must take into account all the important factors to give an accurate reading.

You can either go for a hybrid approach where you can use multiple performance tracking methods at once or experiment with different performance tracking methods to select one that is the best fit for your organization. Your business goals will determine what is more important and your employee monitoring method must align with that.

2. Discrimination and Biases

Have you ever wondered why so many employees complain about lack of transparency and favoritism? Biasness and discrimination are quite common at workplace. Top management discriminates among employees. This is one of the major roadblocks in the way of transparent employee tracking. That is where task management software for businesses can ensure transparency and close the door for discrimination and biases.

3. Evaluating the Performance of Individual in a Team

In today’s workplace environment, we work as a team. All team members need to play their part to make any project a success. There are instances where some of the team members give their best shot while others don’t take work seriously. Evaluating performance of individuals in a team environment can be challenging for managers. Thanks to task management software for teams like TaskQue, you can easily track the performance of each employee even he or she is a part of a large team.

4. Leaving Feedback to the End

In a traditional workplace environment, we usually conduct annual performance reviews. The biggest drawback of annual review is that you are left in the dark until the moment comes. Your immediate boss could point out any of the mistakes you made 6 months ago. There is nothing more annoying for an employee than to see his promotion stopped due to such a scenario. Instead of annual reviews, go for monthly performance reviews that can give employees more time to rectify their mistakes and provide management with a clear perspective on employee performance on a monthly basis.

5. Keeping Employees Motivated

Another big issue with employee tracking is keeping the spirits of employees high. It is obvious that when employees receive negative feedback, their motivation level take a hit. This reflects in terms of poor performance and low productivity. Even if you are criticizing your employee over poor performance, you should make sure that it is for constructive purposes. Instead of grilling your employees, it is better to show them the way to rectify their mistakes so they can improve in the future.


It is time to iron out all these employee-tracking issues so that you can perform transparent and unbiased employee performance reviews. Choose a performance tracking method that suit your organization well. Do not let discrimination and biases come in the way of conducting free and fair performance tracking. With constructive criticism, you can also protect your employee motivation level from dipping. If you are facing any employee tracking issues that are not mentioned above, feel free to share it with us in comments section below




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