Experiential Learning as Part of Employee Training

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Employee training should be approached from a diverse perspective that includes a variety of learning processes to improve employee skills and proficiencies. The goal is to educate the employees about the need to understand the company’s culture and achieve goals.

This can be done by professionally introducing a learning process which is more practical than theoretical. The employees undergoing training should get involved; a direct engagement helps employees to have first-hand experience in the business area to know how success can be attained and the ways to handle issues that may arise.

The use of experiential learning methods has become very frequent in recent times because of its advantages, some of which have been discussed below.

Tested and trusted models

Understanding the most effective methods of learning is crucial to improving workplace productivity. Many companies adopt the ‘on the job’ training approach which is a good idea, but without identifying the most effective training approach, the participants may encounter issues. Some people learn better through theoretical studies while others understand the processes better when they engage in practical learning. However, regardless of the learning method used, they are mostly very effective in the workplace.

Gaining independence during projects

The practical approach used during the experiential learning processes increases the independence and confidence employees have when they encounter the issues in real-life situations during projects. Employees who undergo experiential learning find ways to study problems and develop practical solutions that last long.

Knowledge sharing during experiential learning helps the employees

The activities organized during experiential learning processes help to increase the standards of knowledge sharing which increases the comprehension of all employees involved in the training. This close interaction also allows trainers to share firsthand experiences with the participants to help them understand ways to address issues from practical experience.

Potential increase in ROI

Empowering the employees to become more productive through experiential learning increases their ability to work better hence helping the company to achieve its growth and production goals hence increasing ROI. Experiential learning approach helps employees to have a stronger retention capacity to apply the knowledge they have gained from the training program in the real world.

Building a stronger team

According to HR expert Richard Linick that have experience in leading personal training, the experiential learning methods encourage cooperation among the employees which supports the formation of a stronger team. The need to collaborate is essential to achieving all the company’s goals, and the team members can find ways to become more productive working as a team to achieve common goals.

Improving positive company culture

According to the HR expert Michael Richard from Ultimate Performance the process of experiential training usually involves pairing old and new employees during work. This arrangement allows the new employees to learn the methods used in the company as well as the company’s culture which has been responsible for growth and increasing profits. The culture is passed on from older employees to the recruits. This is why every company must make conscious efforts to ensure that the culture that exists in their company has a positive impact on growth.


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