Office Perks Employees Really Care About

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In case you haven’t heard, today’s modern job market is more competitive than ever before - not only for prospective employees, but also for recruiters! Companies remain in constant competition to attract the latest and greatest talent to their businesses.

When it comes to helping applicants fall in love with your company, it’s important to recognize what a prospective employee is looking for in an employer. Granted, each employee’s unique criteria is bound to vary from person-to-person - but in general, there are a few office “perks” employees look for in an employer.

So, without further ado, here’s how to ensure you’re the most attractive employer out there when it comes to attracting the best new hires from the job market…

Upgraded Equipment

Though it might seem trivial or superficial, having the best equipment, from laptops to chairs, shows prospective employees as early as their first interview what your company’s culture is like. Recent graduates often prefer to work for modern startups over traditional corporations because of the difference in workplace culture - and believe it or not, your workplace’s appearance is a huge part of the impression employees get from your company.

After all, having modern equipment shows prospective employees that your company is rapidly adapting and willing to adopt new technologies. Not to mention, studies have proven that recent college grads prefer more flexible work environments - something they’re not likely to find in a traditional corporation that’s unwilling to adopt new technologies. So, do yourselves a favor and give your copy room an upgrade if you’re looking to attract the best of the best.

Supportive Structure

Another perk millennials are craving? A more supportive work environment, with more formal opportunities to receive coaching and personalized feedback on their work performance. According to a Huffington Post article, 98% of millennials believe successful mentors are important to their personal success at work; 61% want more formal consultations with their superiors at work and 53% prefer one-on-one discussions with the boss.

As you can see, offering a formalized mentorship program and more opportunities for personalized feedback is a pretty attractive perk for any employer - one that’s likely to attract recent grads and new millennial hires to your business. Anyone who’s looking for a fresh voice in their company should definitely keep these structures in mind as they analyze what their company has to offer a new employee.

Pathways for Growth

Offering ample opportunities for employee growth might just be the most essential component of any employer looking to recruit new hires. As much as 87% of millennials say career development is an important feature in any job, according to a Gallup poll from 2016, and 59% are looking for opportunities to “learn and grow.”

The fact of the matter is that the current job market is no longer satisfied by climbing the hierarchy of the same company for twenty years (or more). As the most educated generation so far, it only makes sense that millennials view each career as an opportunity to learn - and a steppingstone to something greater. The sooner employers can recognize this desire and move to provide structured pathways for growth, the better prepared they are to attract fresh, young faces to their companies.


Last but not least, the most obvious perks to provide your employees with are tangible benefits. Famously, Google offers some of the most extravagant employee benefits around, such as catered luncheons, yoga classes, chair massages and haircuts - but even without Google’s enormous budget, an employer can still make tactful choices in offering the right types of benefits that are going to attract potential employees.

According to Harvard Business Review, the most attractive benefits among employees (as of February 2017) were better health, dental and vision insurance; flexible hours; vacation time and work-from-home options. Simple as they may seem, these small compensations can make a huge difference in attracting the best talent to your corporation. Even just offering free great coffee or lunches can help pull in talent. You don't need to offer expensive Yoga classes either, a simple thing such as organising monthly walks for team building can be just as rewarding and gives employees the chance to connect outside of the office. Just set a time, a place, a route and your good to go. Consider offering more benefits to your employees, and you just might find yourself overwhelmed with applications during your next job opening!

As you see, recent graduates are anything but lazy or entitled when it comes to seeking employment. Instead, they’re looking for jobs that allow them opportunities to grow, a supportive structure and exciting new benefits. Above all else, you and your company should strive to meet the demands of this young, driven pool of future applicants in order to attract the best talent to your business.

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