Recruitment Process: New light with tools of AI

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Recruitment Process to See a New Light with the Tools Driven By Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the process of recruitment. It eases the hectic and high-volume activities involved in the recruitment procedure by automating or streamlining a part of the workflow. However, before proceeding further, you need to understand, what is AI? AI or Artificial Intelligence is a brilliant technology that makes the computer do activities which involve intelligence.  This innovation has created a storm in the field of science & technology, as it can automate various activities, making them easy to implement in any procedure.

Recruitment Process to See a New Light with the Tools Driven By Artificial Intelligence

AI for Recruitment

The days, which demanded forced walk-ins, are gone. This is the era of 4G, where people have a scarcity of time. Won’t it be great if you can avail a platform that will let you utilize predictive outbound hiring? As a recruiter, this will allow you to reach out to the desired candidates without any hassle. This will help you find the appropriate talent suitable for your organization

Function of AI in Recruitment

The AI-based algorithm of the automated recruitment procedure, keeps on searching for the various attributes that are needed for a particular position. The system looks for the keywords mentioned in the sites and also the arena related to it. This increases the boundary of the search field, helping find an appropriate staff. The criteria which help accomplish the search include company’s hiring history and the online presence across various social sites. This assists in establishing a perception about the candidate. The entire procedure can be completed by the automated process, which saves a huge amount of time.

 How Does AI Help in the Recruitment Process?

When you have a complete database of the people fulfilling the criteria, automated mass emails are sent to them, which are unique for every candidate. After scrutinizing the response from them, a list of shortlisted candidates is generated. Their social media posts and online visibility also contribute to this decision. When a candidate posts requirement for a job change, an immediate response from the recruiters through the automated system yields a fruitful result.

The Dynamic Procedure of Recruitment

The prototypical recruitment process is changing to hire deserving candidates rather than filling the posts with incompetent staffs. Let’s have a look at the ways it is changing:

  • A technology like Artificial Intelligence is intervening in the process of recruitment, making it free of error.
  • Job portals are falling short of maintaining the correct database of the overflowing candidates.
  • With the advent of various social media networking, people are getting in touch with the appropriate candidates and recruiters.
  • Freelancers are dominating the industry, which has changed the face of recruitment.
  • The modern world doesn’t give importance to the degrees and achievements. People look for adaptive and intelligent personnel rather than a heap of certificates.


Artificial Intelligence has opened a platform for the recruiters either from the Offshore Software Development Company or any other industries and AI allows them to choose the appropriate professional from the market, based on their online presence and capability. However, capable candidates who are not online on a regular basis may miss the chance. Hence, engineers are working to overcome the shortfall and also maintain robust privacy to keep the personal information of the candidates secure.

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