Dynamics 365 & Dynamics AX-Properties & Apps

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Microsoft's customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) follows a specific product line popularly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365. It was released in two editions namely the Business edition(for small and medium business) and Enterprise edition (for comparatively larger businesses), on November 1, 2016. Looking further into the Enterprise bundle, it includes sales, customer services, and field services related Dynamics Customer Relationship Management applications. Together with the ERP partner of Microsoft, the Dynamics CRM and Microsoft PowerApps form a software package known as Microsoft AX or Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.

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The Dynamics CRM and ERP got renamed as Customer Engagement Plan and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations respectively, after Microsoft dynamics company decided to repack the Dynamics 365 software bundle on July 1, 2017. Later, Unified Operation Plan's standalone applications like Dynamics 365 for Retail and Dynamics 365 for Retail formed another software ally and is called Dynamics 365 plan.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

A promise by Microsoft to engage customers, optimize operations, and to help an organization to empower their employees with the help of next-generation business application intelligence.

  • Inception: To run one's entire business in the cloud, it is requested to choose from the provided modular applications designed to solve a business problem for particular processes, industries and roles.
  • Inundated Intelligence: Powered by Microsoft cloud and Artificial Intelligence, this feature will deliver actionable insights. Dynamics 365 proactively guide its employees to drive better business results and look for optimal outcomes.
  • Adaptability towards a change: With little to negligible code development, Dynamics 265 uses a modern platform that can meet specific business requirements.
  • Optimize Productivity: Surfacing it within Outlook, Power BI, and Excel, Dynamics 365 smoothly connects the LinkedIn information and Office 365 with one's business processing data.

Dynamics 365 makes it easy to build an app. Along with the modern business platform, Dynamics 365 applications augment one's business with additional data and will automate workflows.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

By delivering industry-specific capabilities and core ERP, Dynamics AX provides greater and faster business value. Dynamics AX belongs to a part of Microsoft's ERP software products. There is always a chance of improvement when Microsoft act as their ERP vendor and has many facilities:

  • Warehouse management: Warehouse processes are automated to reduce the cost of operations.
  • Human resources: Position forecast, payroll analytics, benefit updates, and reporting provides complete functionality of Dynamics AX.
  • Planning the budget: Easily creatable and accessible by Microsoft Excel and use its worksheet template.
  • Data management: Consistency regarding the wide spreading process across one's organizations and deployments.
  • Forecast on demand: To minimize inventory cost and boost product availability, improvement in forecast accuracy is required.
  • Appeal in social media: Nowadays, e-commerce is so brilliantly working because of numerous campaigns are taking place and customers are getting engaged through social media.


While differentiating between Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365, few notable points  which one may come by:

Compatibility: Dynamics AX works under minimum specifications while Dynamics 365 needs a mobile or a tablet.

Infrastructure: Dynamics AX is physically present on-premise servers while Dynamics 365 founds its participation in cloud-based and hybrid structures.

User Interface: Software-based UI is used in Dynamics AX while Dynamics 365 uses a browser-based interface.

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