5 ways to keep elearners engaged

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Winning at engaging elearning

We all know the challenges that virtual training can bring:

  • Learners "skip" through content and don't complete the course
  • No post course testing so you just "hope that they understood the main concepts"
  • Users get bored, switch off or multi task (checking emails etc)
  • The courses don't work on tablets or mobile phones
  • Modules are too long, screens are text heavy and there is zero interaction

It is no wonder that for some organisations classroom training - especially for Health and Safety -  is still king even in 2019.

But what if you could guarantee none of the above would apply even in online training? What if the courses you provided for your teams were engaging, beautifully designed, included testing, gamification, certification , auto translation and could also be edited to include content specific to YOU and represent YOUR brand values?

When choosing online training or eLearning there are several key features that the courses should contain with the above in mind.

Firstly, courses should have the ability to be "locked" so that users are unable to skip through the content and claim to the "done the training!". In the case of Compliance and Safety training this is key. There is little point asking your teams to sit through any kind of training course if they can merely skip through it and put a metaphorical tick in the Training Completed box!

Testing is also vital for any Training Manager to needs to keep a record of Individual Learning Objectives and KPIs. Without testing it is difficult for those in L&D to have faith in what their teams know and what they don't know. Especially important if you are a Safety Training Manager responsible for the welfare of a site team.

Cheat resistant testing will ensure that the user has really understood and assimilated the content - and proof of this should be provided in the form of certificates (personalised of course with achievable but robust pass mark criteria).

Boredom is - quite frankly - a real problem in any virtual training scenario.With the rise of bite sized, instant gratification information available online, making people sit through 30 minutes of online content may be seen as problematic. 

This can be overcome but making the courses beautiful to look with rich media and interactive quizzes and multiple choice questions.

Catering for all audiences with male and female narrators and Tutors, and using inclusive and diverse actors and stimulating learning environments will go a long way to keeping engagement high and learners learning.

It goes without saying that multi device learning is now simply expected as many of us are choosing to spend our down time or travel time learning and upskilling.

Giving learners the choice of a personalised learning environment helps them to focus and concentrate or simply to learn in a way that suits them.

Other features of great eLearning also include remote updates - so you can rest in the knowledge that your learners have access to the very latest course content.

About Engage in Learning

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What we do

Engage in Learning is a UK based supplier of interactive eLearning courses and solutions helping organisations improve their safety, compliance and performance. We sell to businesses of all sizes and our prices offer great value however many employees you need to train.

You can edit our mobile compatible courses to include your own policies, procedures or other information so they are completely relevant for your learners. You can access courses through your own LMS, our free Learning management system (up to 500 learners) or we can supply a dedicated Totara system for you. Courses include features such as built in translation, remote update and the great bookmarking and navigation.

If you have had reliability problems with eLearning in the past try ours, we constantly monitor students connection to the LMS avoiding all the frustration and annoyance of learners losing their place or certifications. Attitudes aren’t changed by courses that preach – by audio tutors telling people that they must change their behaviour and attitude, that this is the right way to behave, that it’s important to behave this way.

Behavioural psychologists support that view and assert that behaviour change is effected by learning experiences that include: Observation and imitation of people participants consider to be good examples. Guided practice with tailored feedback on performance given in digestible chunks. Positive reinforcement. Practice in applying and using the new knowledge in a variety of scenarios. Engage in Learning courses combine all these elements focusing on achieving permanent change in participants’ attitudes and behaviours.

We provide high quality interactive leanring solutions in 6 key areas:
Compliance, Leadership, Health and Safety, Customer Service, Business  and IT/Project Management.


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