How to take control of your career website

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While it's true great applicants don't fall from the sky, the vast majority of them will have looked at least once at your career website. This happens regardless if they apply using a job ad, after a job fair, plan to apply onsite or have been invited for some preselection interview - it has become natural to do this.

Also, I would argue with you that despite of its passive characteristic, the importance of your career website only increases with time due to the increased internet usage and its de facto perception as a utility (just like electricity).

Yet, my experience has shown that still, not many businesses take it seriously enough and the very few ones that do are often the ones hiring the best talent in their field.

How does one know if career website is good or bad? Well, I made a 4min video on this topic highlighting elements such as:

  • contains company's core values and leadership principles
  • mentions workplace benefits
  • doesn't let content expire
  • contemporary job descriptions
  • has a strategy to either allow people to easily apply or are trying to filter as much as possible from the beginning
  • uses contemporary technology (such as mobile friendliness)

The main scenarios that prevent companies from having great career websites are well known

  • you outsource this task to your HR software provider
  • it is outsourced to a 3rd party digital marketing agency
  • your IT department is in charge of the situation
  • you have to always ask a colleague to do it for you because that is how it always worked
  • you have some sort of content management system to update it which is either outdated or you dont know and or like using it

Notice that all the above scenarios imply a 3rd party to get it done? Here is where the good news starts: despite the ever increasing need in IT services, due to technological advances, for the first time in decades that the reliance on 3rd parties (notably in outsourcing) has started to decline.

Simply put, more and more people have started building and maintaining their own web properties instead of relying on someone else. And they do it because it has become easy.

This is why I decided to offer some help: 5 career website templates that I offer for free. They are essentially some easily modifiable and well documented files that I encourage everyone to use.

It's essentially a way to quickly build and maintain it yourself while feeling confident that it's a complete website, with a well oiled method and relying on expert design. Works on both Windows and Macs and even tablets, as long as you have a good understanding on how to edit and work with text files and folders. And as long as you form a reflex to use Google if you get stuck.

I could go on with a full fledge position description, but I believe a more efficient approach is to just show you through a YouTube video how I do it, so you'll decide for yourself: 

Thank you for reading.


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