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How video can help HR with effective internal communication

5th Apr 2016
Founder & CEO Revolution Productions
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By now your marketing team is probably well-versed in using video to capture an audience’s attention. Globally, 51.9% of marketers say that video is the type of content with the best ROI. While the marketing team is plugging away using video for storytelling and capturing leads, the Human Resource department should be right behind them.

It’s not just using video chat to interview employees, video can be a powerful tool in many other HR areas. Right now 77% of US companies offer online corporate training for their employees, and 74% of companies use learning management systems as well as virtual classrooms and video broadcasting. These numbers are on the rise as HR departments become overloaded with work, which sometimes means less time for training and development.

Video can be HR’s assistant in many aspects, such as:

  • New Employee Training: Having videos made to train employees on company-wide procedures and best practices can save hours for HR teams. Instead of spending the day training a new team member, HR can discuss important questions after the training videos are over.
  • Professional Development: Employees schedules are hectic and change constantly, so setting up a specialized training session is a nightmare for HR, who usually has to run the seminar more than once to accommodate schedules. Running these professional development sessions via video allows each employee to take the course on their own time and digest the information at their own rate.

Video also encourages employee engagement. At large companies it can be incredibly difficult for different departments to intermix. Between working on different floors, having different schedules, and trying to learn many different names, many companies lack employee engagement and camaraderie that can foster productivity.

Video can help in this regard as well:

  • Weekly Employee Video Spotlight: Individuals or teams can be encouraged to create videos about themselves or new projects they’re working on to be sent out on a weekly basis. This makes sure new people are introduced, new faces are seen, and the company as a whole is kept abreast of new projects.
  • Video instead of Email: Emails tend to get forgotten or deleted, and most employees are much more likely to watch a video than read a long email. We also absorb content better via video, so instead of sending out a long email on a company update, a video can be used as an engaging replacement.

Once HR has taken over video content, the biggest concern companies have is keeping this information private. Many large corporations have internal video hosting, but for smaller companies this can be a concern. For that, it’s recommended to create YouTube or Vimeo accounts and keep the videos private - only granting access to a select group of members.

Doing this allows HR to give certain staff members access to only specific videos, and they can easily keep track of who has access to what. If you want anyone in the company to have access, you can simply set up a few Vimeo accounts in the company name and give employees the login information.

Video is a great way to ease the workload of the HR team so that they have more time to spend in other areas. It also boosts productivity in that teams are better acquainted and company news is spread quickly. Team members aren’t left in the dark on company initiatives and projects when video is utilized as an internal tool.

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