Cycle to Work: A win, win for Staff and Business

17th Apr 2019

Worries about climate change, a shortage of parking, and newly built industrial estates is fuelling a greater environmental awareness and what is making major employers take a long hard look at the incentives on offer when formulating ‘green transport plans’.

A Cycle to Work scheme enables your employees to save up to 42% of the cost of a new bike & accessories whilst also spreading the cost. It's completely free to set up and easy to administer online.

Did you know employers save too? Not only will you recover the full cost of the bike - you'll also generate a NIC saving up to 13.8% of its value.

Continuing employer support for cycling to work is critical for promoting bike commuting to existing employees and new ones. Employers can inspire participation through:

  • Cycle to Work days - using the annual awareness day in early September or the ’Cycle to Work’ week in the third week of June to get more employees into the habit of cycling
  • Training – providing lessons or support for those who would like to cycle to work but need to get their confidence levels up
  • Buddy scheme – helping new cyclists find their routes into work by teaming up with other cyclists who live in similar areas, know the route, and can provide tips and advice for novices
  • Reward – for regular cyclists who save you money on workplace parking
  • Incentives and competitions – not just for the most resilient cyclist but for new starters, evangelists and other kinds of bike commuters
  • Flexible start/finish times – enabling staff to cycle when the roads are quieter and fit in childcare arrangements

Any employer of any size can get a scheme up and running. Not only is it a highly valued employee benefit, but it is better than cost neutral – creating employer NIC savings for your organisation.

Healthy bodies. Healthy minds. Healthy planet. That's the winning formula that makes the Cycle to Work scheme so successful.


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