Digital CVs: The future of recruitment

16th Jun 2021

Digital CVs are transforming recruitment, enabling professionals to accelerate their careers and establish trust with potential employers. I’ve increasingly seen an increased desire for the digital representation of a candidate’s verifications, skills and professional experience over the past few years and this is only set to continue increasing in the years to come as more and more people, systems and processes turn to digital.

A digital CV can come in many forms - from a basic online version of a traditional CV to an interactive webpage which goes into great detail. Possibly the most common form of a digital CV for many is via their LinkedIn profile. But the common theme among all of these forms of digital CVs is that all are completely created by the user without any verification from a third party, meaning many could potentially contain false information. This makes it difficult for recruiters to evaluate the accuracy of the information provided by a candidate, particularly at a time when employment fraud rates have increased by 30% following the pandemic.

Candidates have always looked for new ways of standing out from the crowd in a competitive landscape in order to secure an interview, or better yet, the job at the end of the process. But the best way to stand out is to truly understand what is most important to a potential recruiter and address that as early on as possible.’

As an example, in the healthcare sector, the ‘time-to-hire’ is a huge barrier for alleviating the talent shortage as lengthy verification processes mean it can take months for candidates to have their credentials verified. In other words, recruiters need to track down the origins of your certificates and accomplishments and obtain evidence that they are valid, authentic and factual.’

However, through the right digital CV builder, candidates can truly stand out from the crowd through providing their pre-verified credentials as part of their digital CV to a potential recruiter. This means you’ve completely eliminated the time-to-hire barrier. In an industry such as healthcare in which demand for staff is high and hiring managers cannot recruit fast enough, having your documents authenticated prior to application will place you in an extremely competitive position against other candidates.

Essentially, a digital CV can act as a digital locker which collates a candidate’s professional documents, verified certifications and accomplishments, and skills and experience, presenting them as one professional profile. It adds complete transparency and trust to job applications and enables candidates to set themselves apart.

Creating a digital CV provides a better opportunity to accelerate your career, attract new job opportunities and explore career opportunities abroad.

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