Social Media Marketing: Why Bother?

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Social Media Marketing is an essential peace of the puzzle for online marketing business success. The primary reason for this is because social media – namely Facebook and YouTube – are where the consumer are. In the same way, LinkedIn is where the professionals are.

And if your potential customers are spending a large percentage of their time somewhere, you most definitely want to have a presence in that venue/location! Fish where the fish are biting!

Additionally, social media can serve as a rich source of links back your relevant website pages and place you in a higher position in the search engines, especially google, which will bring you more potential clients as they search for services or products such as yours.

As much as small business owners are already overwhelmed with many tasks of running and managing their business, it is best to run your own social media marketing campaigns. It’s a good idea to have someone set up Facebook, YoTube and LinkedIn profiles for you. And it is a good idea to run your messages and marketing ideas by a qualified professional. However, the execution of the marketing messages should be done by you, with your own flare and your own language.

Doing your own social media marketing is a way to guarantee that your voice, your dedication to your business and your energy comes through your communication on the web and connects you with your potential customers.

The Basic Essential Components of Social Media Presence on the Web are the following:

Facebook Page and Profile, both about your business
YouTube profile with at least a couple of engaging videos
plus text/links to connect back to your website
LinkedIn Profile to promote your professional image


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