Is it Time to Leave the Relationships?

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Every relationship goes through its slumps and you need to be able to recognize whether you and your partner are in a rut or need to call it quits.  So how do you know if it’s time to leave or if it’s worth working things out?  You need to take inventory from time to time to see if your relationship is worth fighting for or if it’s truly over and time to say goodbye.

If you and your partner are constantly at each other’s throats and bickering over every little thing, you need to ask yourself why.  What is really going on here that is causing the continuous friction between you.  There are usually underlying factors as to why couples argue; least of all is the dirty towel on the floor or dishes left in the sink.  Annoying habits that your partner has may only exacerbate the true reason why you’re fighting all the time.

If you find yourself daydreaming more than usual about being alone or being “free” you definitely need to evaluate whether or not you want out. Be honest with yourself and take your time making this very crucial decision.  It is essential that you talk with your partner regarding your feelings and determine together whether the relationship is beyond repair or worth salvaging.  Try to be in a neutral state of mind while the two of you talk things out; emotions can often cause us to think irrationality which will do you no good as you try to sort things out.

Obviously, if one of you in the partnership does not feel the relationship is worth saving, you have reached a deadlock.  You must both be in agreement in order to allow the relationship to move forward.  Though the two of you may have reached a point of complacency and feel the relationship is static, there still may be potential here.  Discuss what you can do to keep the love alive and find a way to inject some energy into the staleness that has crept into your everyday lives. If both of you are willing to discuss ways to improve the issues between you, there is hope.  Give it time and be patient.  It may be a relationship worth holding onto.  If not, you’ll know in your heart that it’s time to leave.

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