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Working Time Regulations & Holiday

Working Time Regulations Holiday


I have a query regarding Working Time Regulations and Holidays. One of our Managers still has 22 days holiday left. Our holiday year runs from April to March, as a policy we offer staff an opportunity to carry up to 5 days over but anything over that which isn't used they lose.

I know under the Working Time Regulations employees have the right for 4 weeks paid holiday per year, but he is saying he is too busy to take it.

I am concerned that he hasn't had a holiday apart from our Christmas shutdown which he had a week and 3 days off.

He works at height for some of his job so I am worried from a Health and Safey point of view that he is over tired, as over Christmas he was poorly.

I am just after some advice on what we can do as an Employer, can we make him take holiday? What are our other options?





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22nd Jan 2008 08:24

rachel i should come to a deal with him
he can carry over 5 if he takes the rest before end March for this year only. failing that i should force him to take 2 weeks
if he does not use the rest he loses them

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21st Jan 2008 19:31

If you are genuinely concerned for your empolyee you should assess his workload - is he really that strectched in his role? If so, why? Does he have too much on his plate, or does he slack off, and not get the job done in a timely manner?
If it's the former - get him some help, and send him home for a rest; apologise that its got this bad, and ensure it doesn't happen again.
If its the latter, send him home for his earned holiday, and on his return, have a meeting to ensure he knows exactly what is expected of him in future. Expain fully the consequences of not taking a proper break from work, and force him to pull his socks up in future.
Hope this helps.

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