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What things should trainers do to keep people’s attention during training?

What type(s) of training keeps people's attention?

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According to an Infographic I saw recently from Bersin by Deloitte, “most learners won’t watch videos longer than 4 minutes” because the modern day worker is overwhelmed, easily distracted and impatient.” 

That will come as little surprise to many of you, I’m sure, as employees are now accessing information and learning in a far more different way to how they did a few years ago. They are now inundated with different ways to learn, including virtual, mobile and smartphone, and the traditional classroom-style, all of which beg the question, how much of what people learn do they actually remember afterwards and go on to use again in the long-term? 

What things should trainers do to keep people’s attention during training? Are there type of training that work better than others and that help training ‘stick’ in the memory bank?

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Shonette new
By Shonette
10th Nov 2015 10:28

Hi Mark - our sister site TrainingZone just published an article which might be helpful on this front!

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Replying to Shonette:
Mark McCormack
By Mark McCormack
15th Nov 2015 13:09

Thanks Shonette, I shall check it out the article for sure.
Always interesting to read content about the matter.

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Image of Jasmine Gartner
By Jasmine Gartner
13th Nov 2015 08:26

I prefer face-to-face training, and I keep it very experiential - there are lots of breakout groups and lots of interactive discussion. Additionally, I remind people to take notes. I try to leave them with not more than 3 things to take away. As we go through the day, I compile an action list. And finally, I always suggest refresher training.

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Mark McCormack
By Mark McCormack
15th Nov 2015 13:11

This sounds great, just the kind of things that people need to make their training memorable and ultimately repeatable.

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