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What is "Link Selling"

What is Link Selling

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I am currently providing jobsearch training for people entering the retail sector. Can anyone tell me what "Link Selling" is?
Janice Carter

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By kluxon
29th Sep 2004 08:43


You may need to go back to basics and get some firmer grounding in retail before you train people to enter the profession.

Link selling is the concept that when a customer buys one thing you try and sell them something else linked to it. So for example...

If you are an electrical retailer and someone buys a radio you sell them batteries to go with it, or the dreaded warranty. Or moving up the scale if someone buys a new widescreen TV then you try and sell them the latest DVD player to enhance their viewing experience.

You will see the same ideas in supermarkets when products are grouped together. So when a TV Chef is making a certain dish the Supermarkets may have a display of all the ingredients together - this will "help" the customer by them not having to look all round the store but of course will also lead to more customers buying the complete set of ingredients.


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