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What do other small to medium companies offer as a Maternity package?

What do other small to medium companies offer a...

I have been tasked with finding out what other companies offer to employess in terms of a maternity package.

We are a small-medium business (currently 70 employees but growth is planned in the near future to take us to nearer 130. We are in an industry that many of our competitors are cash rich blue chip companies. We cannot obviously compete with what they offer employees in many ways but can offer some advantages over them to employees in some areas.

We are aware that many of our staff or potential staff are young educated females. I am trying to ensure we can create a good working environment which leads to a low turnover of staff.

We currently offer only the statutory minumum pay and requirements for maternity leave. I'd like to know what other companies of our size do.

We are very flexible regarding working hours for any staff who have a need.

Is there anything else we can do that will make our maternity package more attractive to employees who may be seeking to start a family without bringing a huge cost burden to the company?
Shirley Miller


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19th Aug 2007 12:07

None of my clients enhance the statutory package and I am sure that 99% of employers do not
The key issue is around flexible working for returners and for the future being creative with KIT days

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23rd Aug 2007 15:18

Hello Shirley

I currently work for a manufacturing company employing 150 and we only offer the statutory minimum. My previous employment in a SME employing 40, again only operated to the minimum.
From my experience, enhanced packages across the board are difficult to justify in an SME -emphasis has to be on the non-finacial rewards and the working environment that they help to create.


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By Anonymous
21st Aug 2007 13:07

Hello Shirley,
Like Peter my clients are mainly SME's and they offer the statutory minimum. However, there is one that offers company maternity pay on a sliding scale depending upon the number of years service teh employee has had with the company. Some (not all) larger companies offer full pay on the understanding that the employee remains with the company for a set period of time after they return to work following the maternity leave period. Where the employee does not return or leaves their employment within the set period they are required to pay the full pay back to the company.
I trust that this helps.
Send me an email if you want to find out more.

Other options that are less costly are as Peter has indicated....offering flexible working. Make sure that you consider flexible working also to employees who are single to make it fair to all.
Kind regards,
Sue Schoormans

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