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What comes first, the individual or the team?

What comes first, the individual or the team?

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Hi all

I recently appeared on the Engage for Success radio show discussing individual engagement in the workplace and team engagement and how you solve the tensions between the two. 

The discussion revolves around the fact that it can often take very different things to engage and motivate individuals than teams, or divisions. We want people to work very well on their own and also very well with others.

But there are perverse incentives created with some initiatives and ideas that make it very hard for individuals to properly collaborate and work towards high team performance.

Some of the issues we discuss include:

  • The increasingly diverse multigenerational workforce and how this makes it harder to engage your people
  • Why some values that organisations choose are very divisive
  • What happens when you encourage those who are incentivised to work alone to collaborate
  • Whose job it is to create a culture that engages both the individual and the team

Have a listen and let me know what you think about the issues below! Do you agree with the points raised?



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By pilukspiluca
06th Aug 2015 11:50

Hi Jamie,
Haven't had a chance to listen to your interview yet, but I was interviewing Laura from TinyPulse yesterday (software to help with employee engagement) and I found this extremely interesting: " 2014 engagement report has found that peers are the #1 motivator for their colleagues going the extra mile at work".

I'll now go off and download your interview. ;-)
Pilar. Virtual, not Distant.

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Jo Moffatt
By Jo Moffatt
07th Aug 2015 13:18

Thanks for being on the show Jamie, it was a good discussion. Interesting point about the potential values have to be divisive - some of the examples you use are either very 'motherhood and apple pie' or they are so generic or they have the capacity to be divisive. We'd always argue best practice is to involve employees in the process of generating values, values which as far as possible are differentiated and which are grounded in truths. That way you pre-empt the kind of issues you describe.

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By Joeseark
19th Aug 2015 05:14

Сreating a successful team is possible only when the right people with the right skills come together. However, in today’s competitive market, simply hiring top talent isn't enough.

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