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What are people doing about employees on enforced absence due to the volcanic cloud?

What are people doing about employees on enforc...

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As the Easter period comes to a close more and more employers are finding that employees are stuck in different parts of Europe or the world. We also have the unusual situation we do not know how long our air space will remain closed.

Employees stranded are incuring costs they were not expected, and employers are starting to find that key employees are missing. The question is though how are members of this group treating those employees, is it they have to take paid or unpaid holiday or is extra time being granted?

For us we are allowing a couple of extra days paid leave, and thereafter the employees will be expected to take additional holiday, either paid or unpaid.

What are others doing?

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By pattiwhaley
19th Apr 2010 10:00

There was a lot of discussion about this at the millennium, and I think the consensus then was that business travel is at the business's risk, and personal travel is at personal risk.  So, technically, you're on holiday until you get back, unless you are able to work by email (which many of our employees are).  You might give a day or two just to be really kind, but if you do, you should be very clear that this is because you are incredibly nice people.  

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By Zenith Blue
19th Apr 2010 14:19

We're saying either unpaid special leave/make the time up/take paid holiday out of your holiday allowance.  we're not giving people extra paid days off.

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By Charlie Duff
19th Apr 2010 17:19

Thank you for posting this query - we are also running a poll on this here.

It looks like there isn't much of a legal case for having to pay employees stuck because of the volcano but there might be a moral argument for allowing a bit of leeway - see the legal comments in this article.

What do you think?




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