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How can I encourage my staff to manage their workload more effectively. We all hear about working 'smart' but what does 'smart' working mean to you and how to do demonstrate it to your staff or colleagues?

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Shonette new
By Shonette
28th Sep 2015 15:45

Our team has been experimenting with the 'agile' approach; I've found breaking projects in to sprints and updating each other through weekly scrums has been really helpful in prioritising tasks, communicating with the team and generally getting a good overview of how things are progressing.

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By Stuart Banbery
09th Oct 2015 13:21

This can be a tricky one, on one hand you want employees to take responsibility and manage their own workloads, but you also want to minimise risk and human error, making sure they follow correct processes in the most efficient way.

To me, "smart" comes down to leveraging the benefits of modern technology tools that we now have at our disposal.

Bit of shameless plug here...and I guess I am slightly biased, but I have seen significant company shifts when an organisation invests in the correct software tools for their industry.

For example, we develop and supply training management software. I have seen many of our long term clients receive huge benefits through automating processes, trigger alerts, drill down reporting, targeted marketing and effective CRM.

You never want to completely lose that "human touch", but I think that using software where appropriate, to take care of the repetitive tasks, to reveal deep data insights or deliver seamless customer experience, certainly goes a long way towards working "smart".

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