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Synchronous vs asynchronous

Synchronous vs asynchronous

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I am considering converting an existing face to face two day training on customer service soft skills into virtual training. When weighing up  synchronous against asynchronous, what are the questions i need to ask myself? The face to face training relies heavily on discussions, role plays and reflection. 







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By pilukspiluca
06th Aug 2015 11:51

Hi Eva,
You'll need to find the right platform for the discussions - something that is visually appealing, easy to use and even more importantly, something that works well on mobile.

Maybe you can change the role-plays into case studies with some great questions at the end?

The main challenge is to then keep those discussions going, relevant and interesting and that's where you'll need to do most of the work once you've created the material.

I've just created a purely, time-bound online leadership course, so I've been thinking about this for a while. Happy to have a conversation about what you're thinking of doing. Good luck!
Pilar. Virtual, not Distant

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