Resigned then went sick

Resigned then went sick

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We have a member of staff who tendered his resignation in writing in October last year, giving a leaving date of 24th February 2006. This was duly acknowledged in writing.
Unfortunately he was taken ill at New Year with a heart attack, and has been given a certificate for 3 months, which obviously takes him past his leaving date. We have agreed to pay him sick pay until the 24th, but are we able to enforce his leaving date?- we have already made arrangements to replace him. Any advice?
fiona fritz

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By peterstanway
31st Jan 2006 16:22

what are you worried about?
The contract ends; he has not asked to change it and even if he did you would be within your rights to say no

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By tiggercat1
31st Jan 2006 20:53

I agree with Peter if he has resigned he has resigned.

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