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Raising the Recuitment Profile

Raising the Recuitment Profile

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I have been asked to think about raising the recruitment profile at my company. I am not sure where to start so would be most grateful for some advice please.

What does raising the recruitment profile really mean?

Whose responsibilty is it?

Are there any famous examples of companies that are good at this?

Thank you in advance, any help will be gratefully received.

carly culshaw

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By User deleted
25th Apr 2007 10:12

Where does one start with raising the profile in recruitment.

These are just a few thoughts but the list goes on and on.

1. Do the standards of your adverts reflect the standards you would wish yourselves to be portrayed as?
2. What makes someone want to read your advert over the 20 or 30 other adverts on the page and more importantly apply for the job?
3. Are you adverts written in such a manner that only the right people apply for the job?
4. Do you acknowledge every application?
5. Do you provide an effective recruitment service not only to your internal customers but to your applicants?
6. Do your letters say we want you to work for us, even if we have rejected you this time or they say your just one of millions out there and we doubt care if you do go and work for a competitor? I have seen some really rubbish rejection and offer letters.
7. If you use an agency to they reflect the same standards as you what to portray or do they not acknowledge application or send out letters that say things like “you don’t meet the clients standards or they don't what a man”. Things that have been said to me.
8. Does your rectruitment advertising, brochures, information etc reflect the rest of the company's house style.
9. Would a client look at an advert and recognise thats my supplier and ask themselves what are they up to?
10. Is the interviewer trained to do there job or does the applicant sit there and think what is this all about?
11. Is the interviewee expected? Do reception know their name and do they make them feel welcome?
12. Is reception professional? Even the most basic of compny's can be professional without big fancy offices or reception?
13. Is an interview room ready or are you having to appologies as there is no where to interview them?
14. After all this does the applicant walk out of your company feeling I want to work there? Will they reapply even if they are not successful this time?

Whoses responsibility. Everyones

As for examples of how to do it. I can list a lot more examples of how not to do it and that includes agencies that as a Head of HR I would not touch with a barge pole.

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By dick.townsend
01st May 2007 13:26

One point to think carefully about is market segmentation. (lots of advice/definitions of this if you Google it). Who exactly do you want to apply for jobs?
You need some clarity about that before you think about the proposition that you want to put to those potential candidates. What precisely are you going to do to attract those people? Why should they buy (work for ) your company?

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