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Pay and sick leave while on probation

Pay and sick leave while on probation

My partner has recently started work. Prior to signing the contract he was informed he would be paid on 15th of the month. 2 weeks is paid in advance. FIrst payment being in November. four days into the contract he was told he would not be paid until December 15th meaning he will have worked there for almost two months without being paid. Is this lawful?

Also his probationary period (6 months)indicates that he is not eligible for sick pay during this period, nor is he allowed to take any sick leave. I believe he would be entitled to SSP, but wondered whether it was lawful to not allow sick leave during a probationary period?

Emma Foxall


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By Anonymous
09th Nov 2007 13:28

The company shouldn't really alter the agreed terms after the event. However, it will be hard to force a change of mind without souring the relationship with the employer. Perhaps he could try asking for an "advance" of part of his first pay to tide him over.

The clause about sick leave is very strange - it amounts to saying he cannot be sick, which is obvioualy something neither he nor the employer can influence.

As for sick pay, the employer is perfectly within their rights to have an occupational sick scheme which doen't pay for the first six months of employment. Your partner would, of course, be entitled to SSP as this is a statutory entitlement so the employer cannot decide not to pay it.


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