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Office design - how important is it to employee engagement & creativity?

Office design & employee engagement - is there a l

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I'm seeing more articles about office design impacting on team morale, communication and creativity - but what experience does everyone else have of a workspace reshuffle or redesign affecting their team, whether it be positively or negatively?

Would be good to hear some more examples, I like this blog from Chemistry Group.

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By julesss
29th Jul 2015 13:42

I was based in an open office. The company did a shuffle and we moved to the lower ground floor. On the upper level the team was in rows and that included the managers. When we moved to the lower ground, the managers decided to have their own desk away from the team (although they were just behind but on their own). I don't think the managers really thought about the impact this had on the team and how we all communicated with each other after. It was almost school teachers vs children and it felt like you were bothering them when needing their support as you had to go to their desk in front of the team so they could hear you.

For such a small change, the managers really distanced themselves from the daily interaction with the team and I often thought after they lost touch with what was happening in the department. I now understand their reasoning (thinking that its an open office and confidential conversations occurring) but I think they could have communicated the change better with the team. Change management principles are important to morale no matter how small the change.

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Shonette new
By Shonette
29th Jul 2015 14:16

I can believe the profound effect that would have had on morale within the team - I've worked in similar offices where managers have had their own offices or even floors separate to their teams, and all it does is break down communication and collaboration. Thank you for the comment!

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