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Obtaining medical information

Obtaining medical information

An employee has MS, and has been absent for a while. This has been a little difficult to manage due to the DDA implications to the sickness. In order to advise management more effectively, I'm thinking of asking our Occupational Health doctor to obtain more information from the employee's team of helth providers, ie doctors, consultants etc, as our OH doctor has not been able to give us any advice that could help beyond what he 'feels' when he sees the employee, which has been for about 15 minutes on a couple of occassions. Is there anything I should be cautious of whilst asking for t?
Omolara Akinola


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16th Aug 2007 15:08

i have just been in the same position with an employee who also suffers with MS. As long as you use an Access to Medical Reports form and advise the employee of why you need to seek further advice,(you may well be charged for this too at approx £50.00) you are acting in the most appropriate manner, you are also obliged under the DDA to make reasonable changes to the working environment so you need to ask the questions of how to do this from the people that know,Reasonable changes can include changing working hours, allowing rest periods at the desk, giving some duties to others, retraining and holding regular feedback and welfare meetings.I would also diarise ALL meetings that you hold, all conversations etc. further along the line, you may well have to terminate employment due to capability so you now need to gather "evidence" to support your decisions. let me know if i can be of any further help.

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