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Mis-representation by an Employee

Misrepresentation by an Employee

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We are a specialist company that provides equipment to business via leasing contracts.

We have just received a letter from with an analysis of a lease that we provided 2 years ago and it correctly states (unfortunately) that the lease agreement is flawed and that our salesperson (now departed) mis-represented the true cost of the equipment to the client.

We will have to compensate the client £3,250.55

Do we have any right of redress against the former employee?

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By mark088
11th Jul 2010 16:33

After a few weeks discussion with HR Lawyers we have been told that we would have little or no chance of recovering any of this money from the past employee.

This is a sobering lesson for any organisation that offers finance to individual consumers or businesses.


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By Charlie Duff
20th Jul 2010 10:03

Hi there

Sorry you didn't receive an answer here, but thank you for updating us with what you found. It's quite a risk - any examples of processes HR can put in place to stop this happening in the first place would be good to see.

Wishing you all the best



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