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Mapping to a role during re-org

Mapping to a role during reorg

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My company are currently undergoing a restructure and I have been mapped to a role. However  do not believe this role is suitable for a number of reasons:

Change of title

Change of department

Change of location

in terms of the job, I will no longer be working within e-commerce which I specialise in and the role is more general. In addition where I have managed a virtual team and coached others, this is also being removed from the job.Can I challenge this mapping and be asked to be put at risk?

Many thanks

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Sandra Beale, HR consultant
By sbeale
05th Nov 2014 16:39

You can challenge the company's thinking in consultation and put your view forward.  They may agree, they may not.  If they don't agree and you don't like what is on offer the only alternative is resignation. 

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