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Leadership induction - first six months?

Leadership induction - first six months?

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I am currently researching what key things a new leader should cover during their 6 month Induction.  In addition to identifying what they should cover i am also looking at the best way of making this plan visible to a new leader. For example should it be a checklist, handbook, something on the organisations internet pages etc.

I would be really grateful if there is anything that anyone could share with me around what they use for their new leaders.

Thanking you in advance

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By clive boorman
19th Jan 2015 08:19

Hi there Eleanor.  My advice would be to help your leaders be more engaging.  In my experience people think this is about strategy or surveys or that only the top team have to bother with it. However,  I would say all leadrers/managers, at every level should be shown the skills to be engaging every day.  The philosophy should be that it's not an extra or something else on the 'to do' list, it's actually the biggest part of their job and related skills should be employed each and every day.  Therefore, setting them on this path in the first 6 months is crucial.

So boiling it down, it's about communicating well; not just talking but REALLY listening to people and encouraging (not discouraging) new ideas and innovation.  It's also about building trust which is broken down into competence (skills' knowledge, attitudes, behaviour), Integtrity (doing what I say I will do) and compassion (understanding and acceptancing that people really care about things that I might not care about).

These are the things that really matter to people; it's about authenticity and clarity.  These are old concepts but still very apt and can often be forgotten in a digital age where it's easier to send and e-mail than actually talk to people.

In terms of how to make it visible; we are piloting an informal learning platform where all of this information is available as video content and arranged into a learning plan.  We have video content of senior people talking about how important it is that our leaderrs demonstrate this approach.  It's like an internal youtube but arranged into a learning plan that people can follow in a meaningful way and view at a time that's suitable for them.  It can also be downloaded as an App so people can view it on a device that they like to use, whenever they have the time.

Hope that helps.

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Sandra Beale, HR consultant
By sbeale
26th Jan 2015 12:42

The induction process should include getting to know the company, all its processes and its people.  This will take time and 6 months is a good timescale to find everything out.  A checklist is a good idea to show that all areas have been covered.  

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training materials,course delivery
By bryanedwards
27th Jan 2015 10:09

In a retail company years ago I introduced a planned programme of experience during the first 3 months to help leaders understand:

1. How the organisation ticks - vision; objectives; challenges; successes

2. How departments inter-relate with each other

3. How decisions made by the leader's department affected other departments


So the new leader would attend the corporate induction programme (off job); have structured meetings with key personnel across the company (with learning outcomes from meetings achieved); coffee with the CEO; visits to stores (best performing and worst performing); visits to distribution centre.

We were planning to set up a mentor system for them with peer leaders.

New leaders would need to be signed off by their boss after a few months that they had successfully completed their induction. This meant review meetings to demonstrate understanding of the business.

Hope that helps

Bryan - course delivery and training material design


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