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HR Scorecard

HR Scorecard

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Can anyone offer an insight into what criteria/examples should be used to help evaluate HR's contribution to an organisations stratey?

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By Taradaynes
06th Jun 2012 14:47

You can include the usual easy-to-measure KPIs such as absence (days lost & incidents), labour turnover, training figures (financial costs as well as time spent), stability index, & even numbers of resolved & unresolved disputes (disciplinaries, grievances etc.) & results from staff surveys (% of positive responses) to measure engagement. But I would also suggest that you include some less tangible but still critical criteria that clearly show how HR strategy is aligned with business strategy. E.g. Return on training investment (do you set learning objectives & evaluate training outcomes?), reward & recognition (what do you spend on rewards & incentives & does it actually make a difference?). You can also use established standards such as  the Investors In People framework to give you some clear outcomes to work towards - maybe accreditation itself could be something to include in your scorecard!


Hope this helps!

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By Peter Cook
07th Jun 2012 09:27

There is a behaviourally anchored set of 90 measures which you can adapt to specific organisation contexts in my last book, organised under 3 headings and 3 levels:

RelationshipsMotivation and LeadershipPerformanace

3 levels : Initiates; Improves; Innovates

Peter Cook

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