Linda Kelsey-Foster
Senior EMEA HR Project Manager, EMC Computer Systems Ltd
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HR database/ HRIS

HR database HRIS

I'm looking for an off-the-shelf solution for an HR database/ HRIS to replicate our personnel files, that doesn't cost the earth.

The database will need to hold up to 5,000 records, have approx. 20 shared users, and be installed in 3 different sites, and have some basic personnel reporting capabilities. An alternative, if cheaper, would be to have 3 separate databases, one for each of the 3 regional sites, with about 7 users per site.

I used to use Vizual Personnel Manager, which was a reasonable basic database (albeit slightly restrictive on the reporting side, with a fairly complicated and non user friendly reporting system if you wanted to design your own reports). The Vizual system used to cost around £600 or so including a few licences. However, Vizual are quoting several thousands of pounds for a suitable system.

Can anyone recommend a simple and user friendly system which will fulfil the above requirements and costs well under £10k??!!!!

Appreciate your help!
Linda Parrott


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By Anonymous
17th Aug 2007 21:41
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14th Aug 2007 13:13

We recently installed PAMS I do not know of the total costs involved but the system is very good. We bought it from Hallmark Solution.

It may be worth an enquiry.

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By Anonymous
20th Aug 2007 13:21

I noted the comment about have a bespoke system built. This option is often not a cheap as it may seem.

I have a spreadsheet which I am happy to let anyone have which will allow you to work out the real costs of a bespoke system.

Either way if you go for a bespoke or off the shelf system before you go looking have a written spec of what you want and need. Get the supplier to comfirm in writing that their system meets all your written needs. This has saved me a lot of time, hassle and money over the years. I had one major supplier who had to supply free of charge a complete module as they had confirmed in writing as part of the contract that their system meet as our requested needs.

I have a sample which I am happy to let you have.

Iain Young

[email protected]

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By Anonymous
21st Aug 2007 12:38

You mention 5000 records - does this equate to current staff, or to a broader count of record numbers? Iain's recommendation (below) to look at Computers In Personnel is valid - I have worked with their products (as a salesperson there!) for years and they are robust and reliable.
However, depending on employee numbers and implementation assistance required, the budget might be restrictive. Please make contact for more advice and a chat about your needs.


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24th Aug 2007 13:48

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions....I'll be looking into these asap.

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By hugoc3
14th Aug 2007 13:04

First a question:
If you want a single database for 3 sites (which is sensible in case staff ever move from one site to another and makes reporting across the whole organisation easier), then each site will need to 'communicate' with the database.

Do you have the network facilities to support this OR would you prefer the database to be hosted elsewhere (with all sites using the Internet to access it)?

Next an answer:
If you want an 'off-the-shelf' solution (i.e. minimal implementation effort) that can be configured at any time ("to replicate your personnel files") and is very user-friendly, then you won't do better than SfP World Service.

There aren't any suitable systems whose list-price is "well under £10k", but suppliers can be negotiated with - and hosting may provide an alternative (based on a monthly 'rental' model).

By the way, you don't say whether the "5,000 records" means you have that number of employees, as opposed to total records?

If you want to find out more about the system I've mentioned, you can email Software for People Limited on [email protected]

Alternatively, if you want to discuss the permutations in the market (including all the jargon) then email me on [email protected] with your telephone number.

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12th Sep 2007 11:42

Personnel Manager is still available for £499 + VAT and licences/support. Personnel Director, which handles multiple users and can deal with 10's or thousands of employees, could come in well below your budget., which is Vizual's eHR system, is their Enterprise solution. You say that you used to use PM, if you are still a registered user, there are some migration to offers available based on SAAS which it would be very well worth investigating. Drop me an email at [email protected] and we will identify which solution would be best for you.

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