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How do you recruit talent in a competitive landscape?

How do you recruit in a competitive landscape?

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As an HR, what will be the most effective way in attracting and getting the best applicants considering that your competitors are also doing the same to get the very best applicant?

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By Lorvinne
13th Jan 2015 02:21

For me, the most effective way is to show the applicants the positive aura of your organization. Let them feel that if they are going to apply in your company, they will be valued and treated well. Communicate successful and inspiring stories of the employees of your organizations to attract a lot of applicants.

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Sandra Beale, HR consultant
By sbeale
26th Jan 2015 12:39

Pay and benefits might be the first thing the candidates will be attracted to.  You need to ensure the pay and benefits package is competitive and is attractive to high performing candidates.  A benefits package should include financial and non-financial items.

Financial will include things like bonus, car and healthcare.

Non-financial items could include for instance home working.

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training materials,course delivery
By bryanedwards
27th Jan 2015 10:17

In a previous company we analysed and documented the 20 reasons why people should join us. It was a tool that was given to all company recruiters to provide ready-information to 'sell' to the candidate. The document was designed around Features-Actions-Benefits (a familiar sales tool to many).

Email me at bryan at for a copy.

Hope that helps.

Bryan - course delivery and off shelf training materials

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