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how do we go about setting up a consultation body?

how do we go about setting up a consultation bo...

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We are going to set up a consultation body for our 50+ employees and need to write a policy/proceedures document. Is any one willing to share their experience and/or their policy with us? Thank you
helen stoker

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By User deleted
27th Sep 2005 12:05

I have been involved with 2 or 3 companies who have information/consultation groups and can probably share a policy that was put together to meet one of the companies needs. Please email me.

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By User deleted
26th Sep 2005 00:45

We have been trying to get the wording for a draft consituation for some nearly a year, we have sort help from a number of sorces including ACAS and one of the counries leading employment law firms but with little success.

When the government wrote this law they failed yet again to give any guideance to ensure companies are able to comply with the law.

If anyone has had more sucess than we have I look forward to hearing their comments.

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By peterstanway
26th Sep 2005 07:02

There are several answers/steps
1 Think why you want to do it and wrtite it down (remove the bit about keeping out unions) add something about meeting frequency and chairmanship Try to ensure there are more positives about commuication than moans (exclude individual grievances)
2 get a nunber of potential reps together and discuss/refine
3 Hold 'elections for the body
4 make sure they know that you will review (jointly)the constitution periodically

As a fall back; search the internet and you will get some public sector constitutions and strip them right back
The real answer is something that works for you and do not raise expectations too highly


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