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How can I get the most out of my LinkedIn Network?

How can I get the most out of my LinkedIn Netwo...

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I would value any thoughts and advice on how to grow my LinkedIn network so I can grow and develop a useful community of worthwhile business contacts for effective business networking. I think my LinkedIn doesn't 'sell' what I do effectively. 

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Mark McCormack
By Mark McCormack
07th Dec 2014 15:01

Hi Esther

Take a look at these tips and I hope they will help!

1. Create & Participate in Groups

Not only can creating and managing a group of your own provide you with a level of credibility, it can allow you to expand your network to reach targeted and influential individuals in your field.

Research topics of  interest within your industry and choose the top two or three as the basis of your group.

2. Send Targeted Messages

Accessible from a LinkedIn Company Page, 'targeted status updates' can be an effective way for business  owners to tailor the content in their status updates to specific types of company followers.

This helps to ensure the right people are reading the most relevant messages from you at the right time.

3. Encourage your employees to be LinkedIn too

One easy way to expand your company's networking base is to encourage your employees and associates to create and actively use LinkedIn profiles of their own.

By connecting with your employees,  you open your own network to their pool of second-degree connections - who can all be valuable customers and clients you weren't connected with before.

Let me know if you want some more ideas to help you use LinkedIn as effectively as possible. As experts in advice for its use, we can help you on your way!


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Sandra Beale, HR consultant
By sbeale
12th Dec 2014 07:47

You can also show your expertise by writing posts on your industry topics eg 7 tips for effective PR, how to run PR campaign, etc.  You could also share PR industry news you think your network might find valuable.  

Once you have built up your network you can export the contacts to your email account and send newsletters, etc to hopefully generate some work.

Good luck! 

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Richard Mr Productivity Maybury Priority Time Management
By PriorityGuy
07th Jan 2015 09:18

.... you have to give the most into your LinkedIn network. Reciprocity is the currency of networking, as you know.  

Perhaps asking yourself more fundamental questions about your purposes on LinkedIn - what you want to achieve by being there - and how these link up with your other personal and professional purposes and activities, would yield more usable answers.

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