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Help With Drivers Pay Structure.

Help With Drivers Pay Structure


I was wondering if I can call upon your knowledge. We are currently reviewing the pay structure for our Drivers at Work. They are HGV Drivers.

I would be most grateful if you are in a industry empoying HGV drivers if you coul dprovide me with the following information to help us ensure our current and future pay structure and conditions are in line with others.

Base Salary
Guaranteed Hours
Shift Premiums
Bank holiday pay
Annual leave
If they have a guaranteed weekly rate
If they have to use annual leave if work is not busy
Total Package
annual increases

I am looking at a wide range of Industries.

We are situated between Milton Keynes and Banbury and we are looking mainly for help in a 75 mile raidis.

I appreciate your time, please can you email the information on [email protected]

Many Thanks,

Cathy Elson


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28th Jan 2008 12:41

Hi Cathy

Have you contacted the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport? If you are a member then you can access a certain amount of this kind of data free of charge.

I know this, because we (Croner)produce an annual pay benchmarking survey on their behalf which covers many of these questions.


Andrew W

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