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Harsh restrictions during suspension

Harsh restrictions during suspension

Having been placed on full pay suspension at work pennding investigation.I fully understand that i must make myself fully available for the company to contact me,during my normal scheduled working period.
They requested a contact number,i gave them my mobile contact number.The manager informed me and recorded in a statement that i must contact him if i whish to leave my home address,inform him where,my business is,the time i leave and on my return.In previous cases involving other employees,it has been known for the company to carry out physical checks on the home address
As i may need to attend my solicitors office in regards to my suspension.I feel this resriction is unfair as i am unable to freely go about my business.Can anyone advise if this practice is both legal and fair.


Gary Prescott

Gary Prescott


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By kluxon
18th Feb 2009 08:25


Surely if you have a solicitor you have raised this with him?

My view is that this restriction is unfair and unenforceable and amounts to a period of curfew that only the Courts can reasonably impose. Suspension is not a punishment and shouldn't be treated as such. You are suspended to enable an investigation to be carried out and your whereabouts are irrelevant to this.

The only think they could be relying on in employment law is that this is a "reasonable" request - it isnt! - arguably it could even go to heart of contract and amount to a case for constructive dismissal (but wouldn't recommend it).

Get your solicitor to write a stiff letter to them dropping this silly instruction.


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