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Enforcement of Holiday cancellation

Enforcement of Holiday cancellation

We may have a neeed to work Easter. We are going to offer double time for the Friday and Monday plus give 2 days to take when they wish. At present we are asking for volunteers, however if we fail to get enough we may need to enforce it. Where do we stand if we need to enforce it, e.g how much notice do we need to give.
chris perry


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17th Jan 2008 17:41

This all depends what it says in your T&C's -
Does it allow for cancellation of A/L once granted? Or implied granting (bank holidays) - if not you have time to introduce a forced change of contract - but this could be very costly... and not recommended - but legal.

You also need to consider the costs of compensation - what if people have holidays booked, flights etc - are you really prepared to compensate this?

What would be the long term cost if this were the lever for staff to walk?

What about the option of working longer hours up to those days - of does it have to be those specific days?

Do you have a company appointed HR adviser? if so seek council now - if you don't - talk to your insurance provider - as the consequences of this will land in there area of liability if it all goes a little wrong..

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