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Employee Attitude Survey

Employee Attitude Survey

Does anyone have an Employee Attitude Survey they are willing to share?

Thanks in advance.
Dawn Durkin


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By Anonymous
16th Apr 2007 16:36

If you email me I have one you can use as a starter.

Iain Young

[email protected]

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17th Apr 2007 13:19

Hi Dawn
I am sure you will get a lot of offer for this one however please consider the desired outcome first.

Do you want to KNOW what the feelings are in the organisation or do you want to be SEEN taking an interest?

What are the reasons for you to be exploring attitude?
What are the signs you are currently experiencing?
What will the reaction be to certain questions? (Risk analysis)
What are you going to do with the answers?
How will you communicate the results to staff?
What if management do not like what they hear?

Looking at attitude in a call centre requires a different set of questions from that of a professional service or a manufacturing organisation. The method of asking the questions (electronic or paper) will change the type of questions asked (people react differently to the two mediums).

Have you considered using commercial tools for benchmarking – Q12 from Gallup or tools from the other large market research organisations?

If taking the time and money to look at attitude, would it be of value using the opportunity to look at other factors, satisfaction, effectiveness and perceptions of management etc at the same time?

Most staff surveys and attitude surveys lead to little of no change action, or they make the situation worse.

For this type of survey to work and add value a number of things need to happen:
1) clear goals
2) buy-in from the top
3) commitment to action on the results
4) use of change management principles in the introduction and management of the whole process
5) a commitment to make difficult decisions if the need arises
6) being willing to share results with staff

Happy to talk more off line
Good luck with your project

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17th Apr 2007 11:36

Please email me as I have a good one that is udes by Best Companies and could help with gaining accreditation

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19th Apr 2007 14:05

I think Mike has made some very good points that are worth taking note of, especially what are you going to ddo if you get answers you don't like. His other point about different questions for different environments is also very true.
If you would like to look at a survey where you design the questions yourself and they are framed only in the positive, please contact me by e-mail

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19th Apr 2007 18:16


Adding to Mike's comments: always remember that surveys have a political dimension in any organisation. It is sooooo important that there is buy-in from 'the top'; otherwise you may end up as a scape goat if the messages from the survey are uncomfortable.


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