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E-Cigarette or Vaping Policy

ECigarette or Vaping Policy

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I work on a manufacturing site and we have a strict no-smoking policy. We do provide a designated smoking area for smokers on site.

Recently there has been an increase in employees using e-cigarettes and this has become an issue for us as we do not want them to use them in the offices, factory, etc. As they are considered non-smokers and therefore are still entitled to a smoke free environment, we are unsure how to address this problem.

Is anyone willing to share their experience in dealing with vaping or share their policy with me?
Any help is much appreciated.

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Jamie Lawrence, HRZone
By Jamie Lawrence
31st Jan 2014 10:28

Hi there

I'm sure some of our members will come back to you with more 'practical' case studies, but we've just published an article from an employment law company we work with on vaping and its implications for organisations - you can read it here.

Hope it helps.

Best wishes

Jamie, Editor, HRZone

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By susannem
21st Feb 2014 09:21

We had a similar situation here so we revised our no-smoking policy to include any "any all substitute smoking materials (e.g e-cigarettes)."

Our reasons (if anyone asked) are that e-cigs give the impression that people are smoking, which is not acceptable.  In any factory / manufacturing areas there is a risk of contamination to products, from bits of plastic from e-cigs.  Also these e-cigs are loaded with nicotine (apparently), who's to say what else could be in the cig?  If not now, then in the future?   It has to be nipped in the bud.

Hope this helps.

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