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depression, refusing to work or be off sick

depression refusing to work or be off sick

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I have a member of staff with a history of depression problems. At the moment, he comes into work as he needs the routine, then does very little, stating that he can't cope. WE have spoken to him about going part time / getting signed off sick / reducing his role to one of less responsibility however as these all involve less pay he has been incredibly reluctant to do this as he needs the money.
I have referred him to occupational health which state that he is fit to work, but clearly handling him is difficult. We have significantly reduced his duties already which is causing significant operational problems, and it is very demotivating to other staff to see him sat in the staff room for hours on end doing nothing, but still being paid.

Does any one have any ideas on where to go from here?

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By mcstrac
27th May 2009 15:00

Hi there

If you have an occupational health assessment that says he is fit to work, then he is fit. Therefore, the lack of productivity is a capability issue in my humble opinion, time to have an informal chat and performance manage the person.

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By DeborahM
01st Jun 2009 17:14

Hi Helen
Dealt with something very similar, my employee was working but just making lots of mistakes and taking a long time to achieve anything, also he was disruptive with everyone else. We got OH report who stated that he was fit for some work, we then used this to set up a reduced role for him, we offered this for 3 months trial, he refused this offer, so we then did take him down a disciplinary route. I think that the best advice I can give you is to look at all you can do to support your employee, record this carefully, show you presented an option(s) along with a decent timescale for him to consider it, we gave him a week and offered to write to his Dr with our offer, he refused everything so we did discipline him, this continued and he resigned just before he attended a potential dismissal hearing. At no time would he allow us to contact or write to his Dr to get a medical report or see if we could get any other ways of helping him. The main thing is prove you did all you could to help before going down disciplinary route.

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