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Convincing my MD on the benefits of virtual training

Convincing my MD on the value of virtual training

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I am trying to show my MD the benefits of Virtual Training as a more effective, time saving way of training our staff across the UK  - and probably in other countries across Europe if business goes in the right direction this year!. However, he still thinks our trainer who comes in twice a year does a great job and the face-to-face training with her is a worthwhile and sufficient investment in our L&D. What examples can I give to show him that VT IS the way forward and we are missing out on the way training can be more efficiently delivered. Please share examples of your VT experiences! 

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Mark McCormack
By Mark McCormack
24th Jan 2015 11:35

Hi Esther

This is a question I hear all the time, so I’m glad you raised it here.

A key USP for Virtual training is that it’s closely aligned with the way people are working and learning today.

Unlike face to face, classroom-style training live virtual training, or the ‘virtual classroom as I and others call it – offers:-

• An adaptive, personalised, effective and continuous learning system that allows for application, reflection and reinforcement of new information and skills.

• Participants to train from wherever they are based with minimal interruption – they don’t even need to be at a desk as they can access training from smartphones and tablets.

• A variety of online tools such as designated ‘windows’ for Q&As, participant discussions and off-line collaboration and “homework.” Features like “whiteboards” and “break-out rooms” for example, make VT an engaging and exciting session for everyone.

• Participants to be able to immediately apply what they learn: with some offline courses, implementation doesn’t necessarily appear straight away. That’s how the VT classroom adds value.

If your boss compares VT to say, a webinar, he/she will see why the virtual classroom training is creating such a buzz in the L&D market.

Your MD needs to remember that in order to get the most value from virtual classroom sessions, they must invest in the right technology and invest the time to create sessions which truly engages learners and so move them beyond somewhat staid lectures and webinars which won’t a allow for multi-way participant interaction offered by a great VT classroom.

I recommend he (and you) register to join the Creativedge Training live, virtual classroom we will run at the Learning & Skills Exhibition on 28 January at from 11:15-11:45am.

I will co-host it with a key speaker Colette Johnson.

I think you will enjoy it!

Register on:

Seminar information:-
Day: 28 January 2015

Location: Theatre 7, Learning & Skills Exhibition 2015, London Olympia

Time: 11:15 - 11:45 (including audience Q & A)

Seminar name: “Bite-size Training goes Virtual”

Key Speaker Name: Colette Johnson

I hope you can join everyone next week to experience the VT classroom for yourself.

Have a good weekend.

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By clive boorman
26th Jan 2015 08:27

Hi Esther, there are maasive benefits to Virtual Training as outlined elsewhere but simply put, if your M.D. doesn't see the value it's going to be challenging to make him change his mind.

So, you have a number of alternatives; find out what he cares about and match the benefits of virtual training to those things.  Does he listen and take notice of someone else in your Organisation who you can bring onside?  If you can get an advocate who has more influenece over the M.D. then try that route.

Is the trainer that comes in hooked into virtual training? Could they combine it with more traditional methods to develop a blended approach and over time you may move totally towards virtual?  They may already be blending virtual classroom approaches into what they do.

How do the potential learners feel about virtual learning, have to talked to any of them?  If they are asking for virtual learning would the M.D. consider it? I think, in my experience, it's the more technology savvy people that 'get it' but how is it right for your people?  Although the cost and convenience is one thing, is it actually making a difference?  Is it gaining a Return on Expectation?

Is the M.D. dismissing virtual learning completely just because he is a fan of traditional methods, (so he may not know what it is).  Is there anyway you can get him to exeperience it in a convenient way for him.  For example, are there any short Youtube videos that explain it that he can watch painlessly.

I think re-stating what the benefits are probably isn't going to make him change his mind, it's more about influence and being more subtle in the way that you approach it.

I am working on a project at the moment for new digital learning technologies and the people who are adapting it are the ones that are already comfortable with things like social media and use digital devices like smart phones and tablets regularly.  They amount to about a fifth of the pilot group.  We have had to really help, guide, support, cajole and be around for those other people.  It's been a long slog and we are still working at it but we are starting to see a snowball effect.  It has taken fidning out those advocates who do have influence and getting them to influence others.  Hope that helps.


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By esther porta
26th Jan 2015 10:44

Mark hi

thanks for your response.I will register and try the Creativedge VT this Wednesday. I'm assuming there is no cost to do so???


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Mark McCormack
By Mark McCormack
26th Jan 2015 10:48

Glad you like the sound of the VT and will register to try our virtual classroom this Wednesday. I know you will like it and see why some of the world's top brands buy into it. Get your boss to register too!


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training materials,course delivery
By bryanedwards
27th Jan 2015 10:00

Acknowledge that the boss might be right. VT cannot effectively service all training needs.

Talk to the boss about a small trial on VT and evaluate the effects closely to demonstrate the effect of the training (and how much it might save the boss).

Hope that helps

Bryan - course delivery and off shelf course materials

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